Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Couldn't help but post this

Monday, 20 September 2010

For Starters

I'm a long time Enhancement Shaman playing on Twisting Nether in the guild Clarity, after the death of a few past guilds. I've been playing it for far, far too long to justify and I go up and down on my position of the class. I have experience in assloads of endgame raiding aspects, PvP, and a lot of other nerdy wow stuff.

I focus on DPS, and I guess this blog is just here to pass some time and get the thoughts down on paper, maybe throw a video or two out there to help other shaman trying to pay the spec, and have a bit of fun in the process.

I also play dicktons of Heroes of Newerth and Starcraft 2 aswell as being a leeching student. Life's easy and I have a small job to keep me busy. But this blog isn't about the latter.

I'm mostly a random player in SC2, though I am particularly partial to playing Protoss, and really dislike Terran at the moment, because having something to whine about is kinda healthy in video games I guess. Playing Starcraft is pretty much always summed up by the image on the left, because no matter what I manage to suck at the meta and complain about it.

In HoN, I take the support role up since I'm so used to being the strong support DPS in WoW that it just carried over. I don't really invest enough time in HoN to get particularly good at it but hey it's something that fills in the gaps.

I'll be throwing in a how-to video on Enhancement in the next week or so, and probably be doing a second a week or so into Cataclysm when it irons out. I'll be posting mostly irrelevant musings on WoW in general, in particular shaman, and just setting this thing up, so for a starter post I guess that's about it really.